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All River Road Talent's, March Monthly ARRT meeting will be Tuesday, March 26, 6:30 PM, hosted by The Greater Galena Marketing Initiative, 123 N Commerce St. Galena. Rose Noble, CEO of the GGMI will be our guest speaker talking about taking advantage of tools and resources available, and working with your local tourism and visitors centers maximizing you and your businesses exposure. Feel free to comment with thoughts and questions....thank you...!

NONE of US is MORE than ALL of US

All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of NW IL. Artists meet regularly sharing knowledge of craft & business. Our monthly ARRT Art Drive offers visitors opportunity to encounter art from its inception to masterpiece at the artists' personal gallery.

Art, creativity and the need to be inspired has motivated NW IL ARRT Scenic Art Loop map into a second year printing 10,000 maps. Art Tourism is driving people to the Galena region and developing a need to stay longer and become more connected by the voices of ARRT’s artists. Talent is abundant and now organized by developing more of the regions artists to exhibits and present workshops in painting, photography, jewelry, music and endless list of possibilities.

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None of us are more than all of us!

Drive the hills and valleys of Illinois’ most scenic counties. Take a laid-back 113 mile self-guided tour experiencing art from inception to fulfillment. Visit talented artist’s in their studios & galleries, while enjoying artisan libations such as; food, wine & brew, and discover the region’s hidden talent. Interact and enjoy with unique individuals along your personal tour.

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