Fine Artists of the midwest

All River Road Talent

Casey Folks - Mythical Ink Studio
Galena, IL
Inspiration can strike like a bolt of lightening, filling you full of a creative desire that grips you like a vice taking you on a spectacular journey. I would liken my art to that of an epic voyage. I experience a rollercoaster of highs and lows as the work takes on a life of its own.  READ MORE...
Henry Matthiessen III, Stoned Art - Elizabeth, IL

Henry matthiessen iii is a local artist mastering photography as a medium since 1972.  Henry’s intent is to convey moments of drama, emotion, and beauty showing nature at her finest while demonstrating man’s insignificance among it.   read more....

Marie McDonough, Marie's Wood Carving
Born in Florida, yet raised in the bush country of British Columbia, Canada I observed wildlife that is so much a part of my wood sculptures. Eventually I came to Dubuque IA, where I studied advertising layout and design at Clark College.  READ MORE...
Kelli May-Krenz, Galena, IL

Artist Members

Cathy Dorwick -  Galena  815-281-1596,
Heather Houzenga - Zengas - 208 W Market St,  Mt. Carroll, 563.212.7155
Carol Sullivan - Hello Galena! Artist Co-op  815.777.0410, 219 N Commerce, Galena, IL
Kelli May-Krenz -  815.281.2158   331 Jackson st, galena, IL
Amy Laskye -  & Ink & Paper Design  815-947-2878,  119 N,. Main St, Studio 1, Stockton, IL
Henry Matthiessen III  Stoned Art Studio   708.565.9768,  284 N. Snip Hollow Rd, Elizabeth, IL
Geoffery Mikol - River Bend Gallery,  815.281.9198,  313 S Main, Galena, IL
Marie McDonough - Marie's Wood Carving,  106 S. Main St, Stockton 563-543-4276
Debra Melton - C&M Photographics , showing at Amy May Photography, 119 N Main Street, STudio 1, Stockton, IL
Toni Klingler - Hello Galena,  121 N Commerce, Galena, IL  815-777-1448
Galena Center for the Arts,  815.777.0410, 219 Summit St, Galena, IL
Pennie Groezinger, NW Designs Glass Studio - 815-291-4673, 13493 E Blair Hill Rd, Stockton, IL
Casey FOlks - Mythical INK STudio - 9 Garnet Court, Galena, IL 6136, 815.291.0969
Rudy Cruz - Timeless Art Tattoo Studios - 113 Jefferson St, Hanover, IL 563.581.2002
Stormy Mochal, Outside the Lines Art Gallery, 101 S. Main Street, Galena, IL 61036, 815.776.9166
Rudy Cruz, Timeless Art Tattoo Studio, 113 Jefferson Street, Hanover, IL  563.581.2002
Krystie Byrnes, Paintbrush Graphics, 11652 Dauphin Rd, Savanna, IL 563.357.7614
Paul Pendola, Fox River Spoon Company, 306 S Prospect St., Galena, IL  224.209.6409

Cathy Dorwick - Galena Center for the arts
Galena, IL
     Cathy Dorwick served as an active member of the Galena Artists' Guild as the Guild’s facilitator, PR representative and curator of their ongoing Chestnut Mountain Art Show. She had been a student of local Galena artist Janet Checker and has recently taken watercolor painting workshops in Pennsylvania. Prior to moving to Galena, she attended painting classes in both Washington State as well as Indiana. Read More...
Pennie & Drew Groezinger, NW DEsigns Glass Studio - Stockton, IL
The family of artists shares time and talents together as they create one of a kind glass pieces using both lamp work and kiln work techniques.  Stirred by the desire of their son Drew to work with glass, the family now shares hours of enjoyment designing and creating their works of art in their studio. These works of art are incorporated in stunning wine stoppers, purse clips, bookmarks, fan pulls, framed art pieces and jewelry. These striking unique pieces of art are enjoyed by all ages and valued as they are one of a kind designs.   Read More...
Heather A. Houzenga, Zenga’s - Mt. Carroll, IL

A uniquely creative force all her own, and a modern day Renaissance woman, there are not many media in the arts that Heather Houzenga has not tried her hand at, and that is evident in her body of work. The artwork that she produces, tending to lean on the mixed media bent, primarily focuses on upcycling items that others may readily discard, taking apart the elements and then creatively redesigning their functional output in a unique way.   READ More...