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Casey Folks

Mythical Ink Studio
Galena, IL
Inspiration can strike like a bolt of lightening, filling you full of a creative desire that grips you like a vice taking you on a spectacular journey. I would liken my art to that of an epic voyage. I experience a rollercoaster of highs and lows as the work takes on a life of its own. There exists a turning point in each drawing where I cease to be the creator and the piece begins to stir, to breathe. Whispering to me it guides my hand in an almost surreal nature as the drawing completes itself. If my work makes you happy, causes you to think or even smile a little, than my journey was a success!
I encourage people to free their minds and lose themselves within worlds depicted in my art. Allow your imagination to flow throughout the drawing, absorbing every line as it tells its own story of adventure and magic.
I was born and raised in Galena. While growing up I had the extreme fortune of being exposed to the work of Arthur Geisert. His son Noah and I were friends. I got a sneak peek into Arthur’s world and how he created his marvelous etchings. Following high school I attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado where I majored in illustration. Studying under accomplished artists such as Jim Valone, John Lencick and school founder, Phillip J. Steele, was a tremendous honor.
Art is my release, an escape from a reality that can be quite grim at times. My inspiration and subject matter range widely from many different universes. Mythology, fantasy, nature, wildlife and the tenacity of the human spirit have all played a role in my creations. My work is a labor of love, employing the old world pen & ink method. Dip pens and numerous bottles of ink adorn my studio. The drawings take me several hours to complete. Some of the larger pieces have taken up to 150 hours of drawing time. This does not include any research time, or preliminary sketching I do before I begin the final piece.
I am a member of the Galena Center for the Arts, as well as a member ARRT in Stockton, Illinois. I am also a member of the Hello Galena gallery on Commerce Street in Galena, and a member of the Galena Cultural Arts Alliance. I’ve displayed my work at numerous art fairs where I have been fortunate enough to win an award or two. I have been commissioned by clients in the Tri-State’s, the Chicago land area and Freeport. I hope you enjoy viewing my art as much as I have enjoyed creating it.