Charlene Buran Price

orking in oils, both on paper (matted and framed under glass), and on canvas, Charlene paints the world around her in a free, impressionistic style. Her work ranges from the muted tones of a limited palette to the excitement of brilliant color as seen in her floral paintings. Her hand-crafted cards are created by photo-printing her oil paintings and mounting them on card stock.
She enjoys painting a particular mood and wants to convey that to others, to pull the viewer in to connect with the beauty of a flower, the joy of a sunrise or Galena as seen through the mist or the last rays of evening light. Having had travel benefits as an airline stewardess and married to a pilot, travel has provided her with an endless source of material, finding inspiration everywhere; from the ancient ruins of Greece and the tile rooftops of Italy, to the flower gardens and countryside of Galena.
Passionate about her belief that the arts communicate in a unique way, Charlene thinks of painting as an international language in a world that desperately needs greater communication among its people. Through her painting, she hopes to express a love and respect for life common to all cultures.
Although she had no artistic training while growing up in rural northern Wisconsin, Charlene spent much of her youth drawing and painting. Entering college as an aspiring artist she soon became frustrated with how little her work had in common with the abstract art being taught at the time; changing majors, she graduated with a degree in Special Education It wasn’t until after raising a family and moving to Galena with her husband Bob, that she resumed her pursuit of art.
Charlene has had solo exhibitions in Galena, Barrington, and Skokie, Illinois as well as being a featured Artist for the 30th annual Galena Arts Festival in 2001. Her work can be seen locally at Hello Galena art cooperative and the Galena Center for the Arts.


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