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Jan Ketza  (b1957 Chicago IL) - Galena Resident Artist - On the Galena Art Scene since 1986.

I picked up a crayon and my fire was lit.
Once a flicker of a flame now a torch that burns with the passion true Art delivers.
The Act of Creativity, its process, its homework, its rewards is absolutely pure joy to me.
A Galena Illinois Artist/Creative with painting focus in Abstract Art, Abstract Landscapes, Plein Air Painting, Abstract Nudes, and Intuitive Method Painting. 

I am a workshop painting teacher that takes students out into the Galena Landscape to instruct them how to paint in Plein Air (Outdoors). I have developed a method of teaching Intuitive Painting which breaks down barriers and fears that opens up the door of creativity where anything is possible.  

A well published jewelry designer featured in books and magazines specializing in Wire Crochet Fine Art Jewelry. Founded Galena Beads ~ Serving Creativity, 2002-2015, and taught thousands of visitors to Galena how to bead.

I am a Creative which I need to paint in several methods and design jewelry to make my Artistry grow. I have been a multi-talented artist since childhood... just in my nature.

My Abstract Paintings are my purest form of complete expression and come from years of being devoted to pushing myself to extremes in experimentation.  

There is a state of mind I must be able to go into which I call my Art Zone, that these paintings come from. If I cannot get into there fully, the abstracts are unsuccessful.

Equally I enjoy Plein Air Painting for there is nothing so amazing as to paint outdoors, kicking my shoes off, feeling the sun on my face, the wind against my skin, and the sounds of nature all around me. All of these feelings get transposed to the canvas as energy by the brushstrokes by the Artist. 

Celebrating 30 years of being a professional Artist. I am committed, all in, as an Artist for the rest of my life.